About us

Nordic Standard was founded in 2015 by three Swedish entrepreneurs. We have a lifelong passion for design and real estate and we are driven by excellence. We have taken our experience from the Nordic market and combined it with our love for Madrid. We build and sell highly acclaimed and exclusive properties with quality materials and ground breaking design.

Our strategy is to buy and carefully develop places for living in the centre of Madrid. We carefully identify the uniqueness of each building and always develop properties in which we ourselves would love to live in.


Nordic Standard stand for the highest quality together with functionalism in our properties.

Our choice of material is of the highest quality, from oak flooring to worktops in marble or granite.

We are inspired by international trends without losing our own essence and are always striving for improvement. As we enter an apartment, we try to emphasize its best natural qualities before we start to change it. Our suppliers stand for the same philosophy as we perceive quality. Recurring names in our kitchen are usually SMEG, PoggenPohl to name a few examples. Our bathrooms are all wet-insulated in various levels, as is the standard in the Nordic countries. In the showers, the water temperature and strength can be controlled digitally to achieve a spa- feeling. All our apartments have dimmers in each room to adjust the lighting depending on the time of day.

As we usually leave our apartments fully equipped with furniture, we mix well-known Scandinavian suppliers together with international designers who share our philosophy. We require our furniture to be comfortable, stylish and functional. The photos and other art comes from all over the world but usually we have some recurring Scandinavian artists.